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filipina-womanIn modern western world men quite often find themselves alone, misunderstood or rejected. So what should such man do if he’s a good human being, albeit a bit unlucky in his private life? Everyone goes their own way. Some live alone, as bachelors, other keep searching for a companion soul. In the last decade it became an option for western men to search for their life partners in the less developed countries. Women there seem to be less inclined to be self-centered or career-focused and more tending towards the traditional classic (or old-school if you will) values such as being a woman for her man or being family-first.

Philippines are one of those countries.

Everybody now knows that if you want to have the least amount of problems – you should find yourself a Filipina wife and live your life happily and comfortably.

The problem is, it’s easier said than done. It’s not an option for most westerners to go to Philippines and dig deep to find the woman on-site. You can, of course try some old-fashioned stuff, like writing letters, but since it’s the 21st century already, the Internet would seem a more proven means of communication.

The Internet offers numerous opportunities of getting acquainted. There are social networks, but even those would not suit the specific needs of finding the Filipina

The best solution would be choosing the specialized dating sites or online bride agencies. These offer a very narrow type of services; usually have dedicated staff that basically act as intermediaries and have a serious approach (maintaining database, custom search, and criminal and other checks, etc.)

As there a many such web outlets, it’s hard to speculate which one of those is good, better or the best. The truth probably lies somewhere in “what suits each man the most” reality.

But nevertheless, it could still be useful to list some basic features of web-services that may at least give a general direction as to whether the service is good enough or not.

User verification. Needless to say it all starts here. This is the cornerstone of any self-respecting service, regardless of how it is built.

Personality Matching. A good service would offer a test to better determine your personality and match it with personalities of brides. And it should not be a short one since we’re talking marriage. A good dating service should get the large-scale full-fledged dossier of all your nuances.

Customizable viewing modes. You should have opportunity to have access to women pages without compromising yourself, i.e. incognito. You should also not have access to girls’ pages through a direct link – a good site would ensure the security of its users’ personal data.


Comprehensible messaging and communication. And it better be as simple as it gets. Message interface should include the capacity to attach a photo. You should have an option to specify your email address so that a girl would see it and could write you directly. A numerous incoming messages filters allowing only the girls who satisfy your parameters to write you are a must.

Free to use. The website services should be available for free until the moment that two people become a pair or a family. Upon that becoming a reality, a success bonus is admissible.

Live support. If you want proof that this is a living operating genuine web dating service – check the “contact support” option. It must include not only the web form, but the email as well, and for some of the more advanced services there’s a built in chat with support representative.