Cougar Dating

Cougar Dating

Oct 19, 2011

Women classifications that are attending cougar dating websites.

Women that are called innocent lambs with serious intent (age does not matter)
They honestly believe that on the Internet they can find love, and naive enough to not expect any dirty tricks. They can be called “Innocent girls” – they are romantic, tender and lyrical, and they often deny logic. After a month or two the innocent lambs become quite motivated individual.

Another group of women that join cougar dating in Leeds are innocent lambs without serious intentions.
They are just naive and romantic and do not know what they want. That’s ignorance renders them a disservice, because the opposite sex, usually not very willing to write for those who do not have serious intentions. As a result, this category is not popular among men and motivated women that know exactly what they want. They want to enter into legal marriage with a worthy man.

This type of women are dating online for fun with ten or even twenty men. They enjoy having men as their toy and tease them with every possible way there is.
Virtual women

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They are the usual members at cougar dating websites and have written over the years. They are hard to date because of their strict rules and judgment.
Professionals – the people who make money on Web sites
As a rule, they are registered as women, however in real life you can’t know if they wear skirts or not. They should not be taken into account. These people are usually banned by the administration for frauds and e-mail scams.
“Old Virgin” old-timers on the sites
These women are good for serious relations and join cougar dating specifically with serious intentions.