Discover Atlanta Dating

Discover Atlanta Dating

Sep 4, 2013

On-line dating in Atlanta has become a new way to meet people. Around eighteen percents of married couples in Atlanta got acquainted by the means of internet dating. While dating and flirting can become on internet, it is always better when two people make an effort to meet for real. Atlanta is a big and vibrant city that offers numerous locations and venue for romantic meetings. Atlanta has much to offer the dating scene starting with cafes, museums to wineries and live concerts. To take much of Atlanta dating you can choose the venue for your date that suits you the most.


Coffeehouses alongside with wine tasting places make up аrе popular locations fоr first dates. Café Intermezzo is good if you are low on a budget and offers excellent wines, espresso and various desserts оn thе menu. Here you will enjoy your date in a laid bасk ambiance, and you can choose the locale that is close to you, since there are several venues in Atlanta area. You can spend a romantic summer night date at an outdoor veranda with many candles that would allow a romantic spark between the couples, if the connection is there. Romancing you partner is much easier in such an atmosphere.

Wine Bars

Krog Bar is a well-recommended place on-line if you search for Atlanta dating ideas. This bar is famous for the great wine tasting procedure. This locale offers an extensive wine list and romantic ambiance. The prices here are relatively inexpensive and the lighting is low. This intimate location makes a perfect spot for couples.


Jazz Clubs

In Atlanta you will run across numerous Jazz locations. After you have met the person you like via on-line dating, it is time to invite her to the city’s best live Jazz at the High Museum of Art. This is a perfect spot to mingle and get to know each other. Before listening to the music itself, you can stroll along the museum and discuss anything you wish from your life or share opinion about the exhibits seen. The art can be an excellent ice breaker when you two just get to know each other. Experience the Jazz area together!


Wisteria and Haven аrе highly recommended spots in Atlanta, if you go classy and choose a restaurant for your date. The food here is rated from good to excellent. So, when you meet the interesting person on-line, arrange a date at one of these restaurants and you will impress your date with the great taste you have. Besides the romantic atmosphere of both venues will make you two get closer to each other and relax. The menus at both restaurants are of Sothern flair. Dating becomes easier when you choose the right places for that. Choose one of these restaurants and you will never regret enjoying each other’s company with laughter and enjoyment.


Numerous of festivals take place throughout the year in Atlanta city. Attractions can make a great spot to develop your love interest after you have met someone during your on-line Atlanta dating.  You can also have a walk in a park and stroll along the paths hand-in-hand. The Atlanta Botanical Park and Centennial Parks are highly recommended.

You can choose a spot for your date easily from the immense number of dating spots available in the city.

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