How to Become a Russian Women’s Favorite?

How to Become a Russian Women’s Favorite?

Jan 14, 2013


Many foreign men question themselves how they can learn to make an impression on a Russian woman. The most important thing is to understand right away that not striking appearance short height and financial instability will lose its meaning if you develop the qualities women treasure the most and become a bright irresistible personality! Everyone can do this! The first half of your success lies in your self-confidence and the second one in the ability to enjoy life in all its manifestations and take the best of it, enjoying it to its fullest.

Intellectual games work well for you. So what will you need?

Interesting work. Russian women like men, who occupy interesting positions, for instance, military man, filmmaker, photographer, athlete, driver or body guard of celebrity, etc. If you don’t have any of above mentioned professions, you are a foreigner, take advantage of this. Russian women like foreigners as they like mysterious unknown to them things. If you work as an accountant and you may not like your job a lot, if you tell you are a ‘financial manager’ and your business card will tell the same, you will get more attention bride from Russia, as ‘financial manager’ focuses on the complexity of your intellectual work.

A bit blown reputation. Russian women like some demonic features about the men. This can be a scandalous love affair in the past, some gossips, etc. at least you can tell you were a hooligan in your childhood, etc. 😉gayssex

 Delicate taste and gourmet’s inclinations. Learn to taste the wines the right way or to understand any exotic cuisine. Don’t forget to bring the flowers Russian women love.

Unusual hobbies. Find some unusual hobbies and don’t mention collecting stamps or beer cans, it is very common. This can be martial arts, collecting snakes, cars, etc. Everything depends on the size of your wallet and your preferences.

Remember, your happiness lies in your own hands. Be creative and don’t be afraid to be a white crow.

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