How to win Russian woman’s heart? Russian women mentality. Peculiarities.

How to win Russian woman’s heart? Russian women mentality. Peculiarities.

Jan 31, 2013


The captivation process of a Russian woman’s heart is easy and difficult at the same time. It was easier to impress a Russian woman earlier, but now when amazing russian women orient themselves to a western woman kind and have become independent the things became harder. However, Russian woman is a romantic and sentimental woman dreaming of a ‘knight in the shining armor’ to sing serenades, dedicate her poems, meet her with armful flowers, make pleasant surprises and finally profess love. You can become a prince for a Russian Cinderella even if you are not Brad Pitt. The success lies in your own hands, you just need to find an individual path to your beloved and take into consideration the peculiarities of Russian women’s mentality.

The first tip to follow is always remaining you. Very often men pretend to be ‘superheroes’ and behave or describe themselves far from the real picture. Remember, you won’t be able to pretend all your life long and sooner or later your real nature will be revealed. Besides this women are very wise by their nature and have very developed intuition, so don’t try to fool a Russian woman.insexdatefree

Be generous as Russian women like generous men. The talk is not about giving very expensive gifts, but not to be greedy in showing your special one your attention. If you invite a lady to the restaurant, you are supposed to pay the bill. It is not acceptable for Russian woman to pay for her if she goes to a restaurant with a man. Don’t think of running away not paying the bill. Thus, you will ruin everything.

A good tip is to learn her weak sides, for instance favorite movies, books, flowers, cuisine, countries, etc. This knowledge is very valuable and become a trump card in inventive and creative hands.

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Getting ready to impress your Russian woman, look in the mirror and make sure you are elegantly dressed. You want her to look sexy, so does she!

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