Just gay people want acceptance for gay marriage

gay date onlineYesterday morning I was having my daily coffee with one of my friends and we were watching the news like we always do. Among all the news, there was a was a story about a couple of girls that were having a lesbian dating. The two girls were holding hands when someone threw a bag full of water to their table, calling them different names, ugly ones regarding their sexual orientation. The lady from the news made also a research by asking an entire amount of people if it seems normal for them to see that things like this still happen, given the fact that we live in a world that is quite receptive in many ways. Of course that there was lots of opinions and I was very sad to see that there were lots of people that said that the two girl really deserve what happened to them because they should not expose like that. That if they want to show their love they should do that in private, not outside where lots of kids could see them and think that is a right thing to do. I can’t really believe that nowadays there are people that think like this and judge so easily. None of us is perfect. We all have defects, but I don’t think that someone that is into lgbt dating will come across the street and throw it in out face.

I am wondering what would they do if it turned out that those two weren’t even on a date? Would they apologize for such an ugly behavior? Probably not. Is weird to see how people are so closed minded. There were and still are thousands of articles, shows and all kind of news regarding gay people and everything they have been through, of how little understood they are and how difficult is for them to live in this kind of world and also how they are obligated to stand all kind of people and their ugly behavior. People should know until now that gay people are people just like they are, they have their right just like we straight people have and they shouldn’t have to be forced to fight for each one of the thing they want to do or they feel like.

lesbians and child


They should be able to feel free to show their feeling wherever they fell to, they should feel safe to go and walk into the park, to hold hands, to kiss, to laugh and to act like any other couple without being scared that someone will look in a certain way at them or even worse to throw something or call them different despicable names. I think that our behavior regarding the gay population depends entirely of us. Maybe if the ones that understand that will try to teach the ones that don’t accept gays that they are humans just like us, this issue won’t be one anymore. We are all people and we should try to learn to live together like siblings, because this world was created for all of us.

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