Russian bride, first meeting with a foreigner.

Russian bride, first meeting with a foreigner.

Jan 21, 2015

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Russian girls are usually very careful while they get to know a man as they are afraid of lies and all kind of wrong behavior, that they are sick and tired of in their own country, that is why as soon as they become friends with the man they are corresponding with, they try to find out all the truth about him, and all the things that he is hiding from them, as well all have our own secrets, and do hide some things sometimes. So as soon as all the “skeletons” are taken off the closet, they invite their man for a personal meeting. And eventually the personal meeting doesn’t necessarily mean that this woman trusts her correspondent completely, she is being simply curious and eager to know more about the man she can link her life with, and let’s not forget that eyes are the mirror of the soul, so it important to look into person’s eyes sometimes in order to understand and get to know everything.

Russian brides in the majority of cases are afraid of a personal meeting with the man who successfully passed through their test of a “perfect” man and who is really sincere about her, because usually when you get to know someone in your real life there isn’t something like here is my email, after communicating through it for half of a year we will go out on a date. And of course going on this first date is not easy at all, because you go with the feeling that very soon you will get to know the man of your dreams, who is up to all the list of criteria set in your own head, and eventually is a real dream, but what if this meeting will turn not into something serious and great, but into a total disappointment, as something like this is possible as well. In this case this woman who already made a lot of plans regarding this man in her mind will get to suffer and built herself all over again as she did many times with men in her own country.girls

There really is this kind of possibility as we do not really meet all of our dreams and expectations as soon as we made them. But if the man is not the one, than what is the use of communication with such a man? In this case, he will never become the one, and there will simply be even more time spent on him, instead of making more attempts to find the real one and only, who is certainly out there. The bad thing is that after disappointing in one man, Russian brides, might stop communicating with other ones, or they simply do not trust people they meet afterwards.

But maybe they are the one who are being wrong right from the beginning? If the man is really interested in finding a bride and creation of a family in the nearest future, than eventually he will agree for a personal meeting as soon as the lady will suggest him this kind of option, usually as soon as they get the invitation, they buy a ticket and write in the next letter the details of the arrival, the man who is postponing the meeting with a month or a bit more, is also serious but he is placing his job as a higher priority than his personal life (which is not a very good sign). And if the man keeps postponing the personal meeting after a long time corresponding, than there is something wrong with him, and he is chasing some other aims while communicating with this lady. Of course there might be some serious circumstances that didn’t allow this man coming for a visit earlier, but a good thing would be to mention about it to the lady, so she would know that there is nothing wrong with her, or them, and as soon as he will solve the issue they will be together. Anyway, it is important to earn the trust of the Russian bride, in order to ask her to wait until the moment when you will get all of your issues solved.