The best dating tips for lonely men

The best dating tips for lonely men

Apr 20, 2017

Are you still lonely and can not find your true love? Then online portal will help you cope with this problem. Here you can find thousand of useful dating advice how to interest women, which will help you create your own happiness.

The art of tying the relationship by correspondence was owned by more than one generation of men. This is how the relations between husbands and wives, bridegrooms with brides, secret lovers, and those who were separated, were maintained before. Our ancestors knew perfectly well how to interest a girl by correspondence. The most beautiful letters are even published in separate books. Reading the letters of Mozart, Balzac, Pushkin or another gifted person, you understand that woman can fall in love with a man who wrote such beautiful words.

Modern men do not believe that it is necessary to improve their possession of the epistolary genre, they say, it’s not that life now, to write long letters, trying to charm a girl in this way. And for their carelessness these short-sighted gentlemen have to pay, because now in the age of social networks, dating sites and e-mail, it is impossible to ignore such a tool of courtship as correspondence.

Imagine the situation when pretty woman refuses to meet with you personally, but agrees to correspond. But, if you write to her boring illiterate short letters, then she will just be confirmed in her opinion: “I was right when I decided not to waste time on this idiot.” But if you can charm her with your text messages, then it is quite possible that after a while you will represent the beauty to your friends as your girlfriend.

To charm a girl by correspondence is not so simple and, of course, it takes time. If you think that it is enough to write 1-2 letters and the young lady will rush into your arms and she will offer you her hand and heart, you are either an immature youth, or read ladies’ novels and presented yourself as a beautiful lady. You are a man, so you will have to conquer a girl and this will take time and effort.

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At best, it will be enough to write a dozen letters to her, but be ready that it may take several months to fill up the subject of your adoration with correspondence. In this case, as in any other, there the best dating tips, which will help you quickly win girl’s heart by correspondence.

  1. Bear in mind your spelling. Spelling, grammatical, syntactic and other errors in the letter will spoil the impression of you. But, if you seek the liking of the same illiterate creature as you are, then the errors are not a problem.
  2. Do not turn your correspondence into something ordinary. You do not need to write that you took your hamster to a veterinarian, bought socks or repaired a vacuum cleaner. Every woman is fed up with daily routine. She waits for some romantic stories.
  3. Talk about your own merits. The girl must form your image based on your letters. That’s why you should be such an intelligent, caring, reliable, romantic, cheerful, kind, in general – the ideal guy she has not met.
  4. Don’t forget to joke. Young ladies love funny guys. Your jokes should be witty, not flat and vulgar.
  5. Ask the girl about her life, be attentive to her problems – most women love to talk about themselves. Do not repeat in your letters, otherwise she will decide that you have no imagination.
  6. In the correspondence behave naturally and be decisive. Do not be afraid to take the initiative.


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We are sure that all these advice will help you change your life for better. To construct words from the letters, and the sentence – from the words is under the power of every man.