Tips for Russian bride to get a job in America.

Tips for Russian bride to get a job in America.

Dec 25, 2014

First of all you need to mention all the things you can offer to the company, for years of searching for a job abroad i have read a variety of books and recommendations of how to make your resume correctly, from my point of view the most successful method for it, is Lou Adler’s method, which is used by a variety of professional “bounty hunters”. The method is pretty easy, and it’s about rewriting your working history in a definite manner, in which you show all of your achievements. You need to forget about the traditional; I was born, studied and worked- as your personal history is not interesting to anyone. The main aim of your resume is to gain personal contact with the potential employee. And that’s it, getting this job is already the work of the interviews and tests, but not of the resume. The resume’s job is to “jump” out of the bunch of the resumes of other candidates for the job in order to go through a personal contact with you. This way the resume is being done according to certain rules of advertising material, i will not retell all the formal and technical aspects of the way you need to design your resume- as all of those things are well known by any serious person, same as where to find this information. But I will mention how you can rewrite your personal history. Rule number one you need to leave and concentrate only upon the things that will make you look in the best possible way, all the personal stuff should be cut off. Rule number two, you need to relook over your professional history and find something in each case you are proud of, or might be proud of. Like for example you have designed something brand new, or have offered something that made the entire work easier, or helped your previous employee getting more money, or economy time, money, materials and money. You need to find all the cases in life which could illustrate your artistic way of working, your responsible attitude towards work and the ability to invent something new, of course you need to mention those cases when your previous boss or colleagues were grateful to you for your work. Each good word from them you can use in your resume.


You need to replace the words “I helped implementing” or I “participated in the process of the production” into i implemented and i produced.

You need to write everything thoroughly and in details, for person who will read it, who knows maybe being after a long and tiring day at work, and would be full of worries while watching a whole bunch of resumes.

And now you have to imagine all of your achievements in definite portions. Like for example, you need to write not that you participated in the process of development of new methods of teaching English language, but to write what success those methods had all over the world, or about the amount of money that it saved to your company.

Or instead of listing all the jobs you ever had, imagine you’re moving up in the company by showing the increase of the responsibilities as well as the growing obligation. Well your job in the resume to show that you are an active person who walks easily on the working path and is easily adjusting to new circumstances instead of staying at one and same place.

Also you need to show enthusiasm towards implementation of new techniques during working time that will help not only you on the working place but the entire company as well. And the last but not less important thing, you need to reread your resume a few times in order to get familiar with it, and to really feel that you have achieved all of those things. Everything is possible, so good luck in finding a dream job.