When did hookup culture start: Top facts about casual sex

Nerds and thoughtful singles want to know everything about hookups before they actually get to the real thing. Well, you’ll be surprised but the casual sex history is interesting indeed!

  1. The definition of hookups is closely connected to sexual revolution that has started in the 1920s.
  2. Today, casual sex is mostly a part of the college culture since up to 80 percent of college students are reportedly having multiple hookups during the year.
  3. By the same research, typical hookups cause unexpected reactions: the majority feel disappointed or regretful while only 2 percent feel they were really desired.
  4. Men more likely accept sex with strangers and casual sex with anyone they found attractive, than women.
  5. Shockingly, only a half of hookups is protected. Specialists call this tendency negative for the participants’ health and well-being and warn to be more cautious.
  6. At least a third part of hookupers call their experience unintentional and greatly connected with drug and alcohol misuse.
  7. Singles with a stable career tend to choose hookups over long-term relationships rather than temporary workers who hope to at least have committed romance.